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Give shoppers the video reviews they are already searching for
and influence them to buy more from you.

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Present better, <br> sell more!
Super fast install

It takes just a few clicks to install and get video reviews on your site.

Get video reviews

Automatically find the best video reviews on YouTube for your products.

Increase time on site

Keep shoppers on your site for longer with a better product presentation.

More sales

More time spent on site leads shoppers to buy of your products.

Install with just a few clicks

Installing Reeview takes just a few clicks and less then 5 minutes to get verified video reviews
straight to your shoppers.

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Built for e-commerce

Reeview was built for e-commerce businesses to offer shoppers the best experience to watch product video reviews.

  • Powerfull e-commerce integrations
  • Import products in seconds
  • Automatic product-video sync
  • Guided onboarding
Built for e-commerce
Quick install

Reeview is integrated with all major e-commerce platforms so installing it on your online store will be super fast.


Reeview keeps your products in sync so when you add new products we automatically find video reviews for them.

Speedy support

If you need any assistance our support team will go above and beyond to make sure Reeview works properly for you.

Automated video reviews

Reeview automatically finds and deliveres verified video reviews for your products.
You are still in full control and can manually add or remove any videos.

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Video reviews on

Automatically get verified video reviews from YouTube straight to your online store. Re-arrange or add your own videos for each product.

  • Automatic product-video sync
  • Content moderation
  • You’re in full control
Video reviews on <br> auto-pilot
Verified videos

Reeview suggested videos are safe to show on your site. All videos are automatically AI verified and upon request we also offer human verification as a separate service.

Verified videos
YouTube partner

Reeview is a compliant YouTube application so you can safely show video reviews on your online store.

No broken links

Your shoppers will get the best experience and only see videos that are still available. No broken links, ever.

Share Videos

Share video reviews on Facebook & Twitter to drive more traffic and increase shopper engagement.


Track the location of your shoppers and automatically show them video reviews in their language.

Get a free demo for your store

See how your store can increase sales with video reviews you already have.

Video reviews that are part of your site

Show video reviews on your store with our premium designed widgets that fit perfectly on any
site. Use pre-made themes or build your own to match your site design.

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Floating widgets

Use our beautiful floating widgets on your product pages for increased visibility and high conversion rates, without obstructing any of your important product information.

  • Pre-made themes
  • Fully customizable design
  • Custom text messages
  • Fast loading times
  • High conversion rates
Floating widgets
Mobile optimized

All our widgets and video carousels are optimized for all mobile devices, offering your shoppers the best experience to watch your video reviews.

  • Works on all mobile devices
  • True mobile experience
  • Optimized for performance
Mobile optimized
Theme builder

Use our no-code theme builder to choose from pre-made content or create your own. Change text, colors, fonts or animations to match your brand.

  • Easy to use
  • No-coding required
  • Beautiful pre-made themes
  • Whitelabel solution
Theme builder

Measure ROI in real-time

Get live data of every interaction that happens with your video reviews
and see how Reeview turns visitors into buyers.

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Live Dashboard

See live how visitors interact with the widgets and how mant visitors have been influenced by video reviews to purchase your products.

  • Live reports
  • Granular analytics
  • Weekly emails
  • Export & share metrics
Live Dashboard
Product metrics

Go in-depth to see interactions and video metrics for each product.

Video analytics

Analytics are available for each video so that you can see each video performs.

A/B testing

Test the performance of product pages with or without video reviews.

A private tour of Reeview

πŸ”₯ Higher conversions
πŸ› Increase time on site
πŸ’° More sales

Not sure if Reeview is a good fit for your online store?
Schedule a consultation with our team and get a private tour of the app.

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