[Case Study] Reeview increased time on site by 22% for Grill Rescue

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

The Client

Grillrescue.com designs and manufactures consumer products, including a flagship grill brush that uses steam instead of bristles to clean.

The Challenge

Frustrated by the massive task of manually searching socials for customers’ product video reviews. In the hyper-competitive world of e-commerce, user-generated video reviews are a powerful conversion tool.

Shopify store Grill Rescue was one business determined to leverage product video reviews to boost sales and revenue. But they’d run into a problem.

While social channels were full of super-fans organically posting super-positive reviews about Grill Rescue’s products, finding and collecting them was like looking for a needle in a digital haystack.

It fell on co-founder Anthony Tranchida to manually root around sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to find reviews.

Despite his best efforts, he wasn’t gathering enough third-party content to turn more site visitors into buyers—and knew he was only scratching the surface.

Anthony needed a way to automate the onerous job of finding video content, and display it on his site in a way that was enticing and irresistibly clickable for shoppers. So he hit the Shopify app store to find a solution.

I wanted to collect a ton of video reviews from across social media, because I knew that other people’s input really affects a buyer’s decision. But I didn’t have an easy way to do it.

Anthony Tranchida
Co-founder Grillrescue.com

The Solution

Reeview’s automated platform finds hundreds of authentic user-generated video reviews in under a minute.

When Anthony found Reeview, it felt like a great match. The platform searched out product reviews that were happening organically on social media and then served them up to shoppers as great-looking Shopify content.

Anthony contacted Reeview through its live chat support and got “amazing” customer service right out the gate.

None other than Reeview’s founder, Claudiu, was on the other end of the chat. Even though it was 10pm on a Sunday evening, Claudiu hopped straight on a call to discuss Anthony’s needs further. Anthony was so impressed with Claudiu’s dedication and care, he knew he’d found the right team and platform to turn product videos into more sales.

Anthony particularly appreciated that Reeview had unearthed content he’d never have been able to find on his own. Content moderation—where Anthony decided if videos should be published or not—was also easy.

Getting the reviews up on site was seamless. Because Reeview automatically matched the video reviews with Anthony’s products, all he had to do was click a ‘Publish’ button and the videos were right there on his product pages—where customers’ purchasing decisions are made!

To run a video as an enticing, floating pop-up Anthony had to hit a single button. To embed a video ‘inline’ anywhere on the product page was as easy as copying and pasting a snippet of code.

With such a simple automated flow, Reeview added instant social proof on Anthony’s product pages.

Before Reeview, Anthony had been finding the job of collecting product video reviews from his customers a tedious task. He was manually sending emails and offering $50-$100 Amazon gift cards as incentives and it took months to collect just a handful of videos.

Reeview solves all of that, because it requests a video review whenever a new order is placed—and allows Anthony to automatically set incentives. Customers receive a custom invitation via email from Anthony and can record themselves talking about his products directly from their phone, without having to install any other apps. It’s super simple and easy to use.

As a result, Anthony is now collecting 10x more video reviews than before.
There’s no stress, no wasted time—and no more hunting needles in digital haystacks.

Reeview’s automations make the process of finding and displaying powerful, user-generated videos totally effortless.

Anthony Tranchida
Co-founder Grillrescue.com

The Results

Shoppers spend 22% more time on Anthony’s site—and sales & revenue sizzle.

Within days of installing Reeview, Anthony was thrilled to see shoppers engaging with the new videos. Because product pages were now enriched with great video content, visitors stayed on site for much longer. In fact, after just 30 days, time on site had increased by 22%.

Shoppers watched an average of 1.8 videos per visit and spent 200+ more hours on his product pages.

By adding product video reviews to Grill Rescue, @Reeviewapp increased time on site by 22% and shoppers spent 200+ more hours on product pages, watching on average 1.8 videos per visit. Click To Tweet

With time spent on site increasing so dramatically, Anthony’s SEO ranking is soaring, bringing more traffic and revenue. Put simply, with authentic videos in place, more visitors stop browsing—and start buying.

Automating the job of finding, collecting and publishing videos saves Anthony “tons of time”, which he pours back into other operational priorities.

As well as the breathtaking metrics, Anthony appreciates the relationship he’s built with Reeview. Whenever he needs a new tool or function, Reeview is instantly responsive and engineers a solution at warp speed.

The results we’ve had with Reeview have been astronomical. It’s so powerful for visitors when they see the opinions of multiple other customers who weren’t paid to make a review, but loved our product so much they decided to make a video. Videos sourced by Reeview have influenced so many more visitors to make a purchase.

Anthony Tranchida
Co-founder Grillrescue.com

AND FINALLY… In December 2020, Anthony ran social media ads using collected video reviews—and achieved amazing results in sales in a single month! He now plans to use Reeview to reproduce that workflow on an even larger scale.

Look out for a follow-up article where we’ll provide a step-by-step tutorial into how Anthony achieved it—and share his method and insights.

Want to leverage customer video reviews without all the heavy-lifting?

Reeview automates the job of finding, collecting and displaying user-generated video reviews, increases time on site, and boosts sales.

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